August 12, 2022

What Other Record Labels Need To Know & Implement To Dethrone Davido Music Worldwide (DMW)

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Davido created this label with one thing in mind “We rise by lifting others” and so far he’s done a remarkable job in doing that. Davido might not be from the streets but seems to understand how upcoming artistes struggle to make it in a field where many lions are ready to devour on the weak ones. He deserves lot of accolades because owning your own record lai8bel isn’t an easy job especially if you’re an artiste yourself.

All artistes signed to the record label which was created in 2016 are all top-notch acts and has made name for themselves. Acts which are under the label and enjoying its fame includes; Dremo, Mayorkun, Peruzzi, B-Red, Yonda, Ichaba, Idowest and Lil Frosh. They might not share the same level of fame but there is literally no Nigerian who wouldn’t know any of them. How did DMW manage to stay on top all these years? The answer is simple.

One of the main things to consider when starting a record label is finding raw talent. Who would want to sign any artiste with no talent? It is a move that’s all shades of wrong that’s most going to end in tears. DMW has succeeded in finding amazing talents ranging from singing, rapping, songwriting, management production and so on.

They seem to have the right person for every little role and that’s quite impressive. Other record labels need to understand that it’s not just about having the funds to run a label but about finding talents. Most of these artistes only need exposure to become an A-lister. Davido also made sure to sign artistes that fit in every genre of music so they don’t all share the same content. Rap? there’s Dremo, want some sappy & mush kind of love songs with wordplay? there’s Peruzzi & Mayrokun and finally for the street vibe there is Idowest and Lil Frosh. It never gets boring with these guys.

Team Work
So everyone is super talented yeah but how strong is the teamwork?. Most artistes in the same record label end up fighting each other because one wants to show superiority over the other. This always causes tension in the record label and such disarray is bound to result in the disbandment of the establishment.
The same goes for music releases. We have had situations where artistes release music at the same time and situations like this reduce the shine of the artistes. DMW, over the years, has proved to be very careful with releasing music, making sure everyone gets their own shine. Everything is well calculated and organized the artistes each have a time that they release music so they don’t clash with each other. This is another thing other labels need to put in place.

We gotta give Big Credit to Davido and his team because they are superb when it comes to promotion. The singer acts like a fatherly figure plastering all of their release on his social media accounts for the whole world to see. He has a big platform with international audience and he uses this (social media) to promote not just himself but all the artistes under DMW.

We have had cases of clashes between artistes and labels over money issues. This case is rampant and is not new to everyone. Some record labels make their artistes sign some kind of strange deals that would later damage their image. Some even go as far as dictating for their artistes so they don’t get to have a say in anything. They are basically puppets who are simply out (there) in place to make money for the label.

Very few of these artistes manage to attain victory over their greedy record labels. For some their exit was accompanied by the end of their careers while some were able to spread their wings and even shined brighter than when they were in bondage.

Music critics would say Davido already has millions in his account and that he doesn’t need it. Yes that’s very true but everyone wants to get richer, even the Rich wants to stay ahead that why they invest to make more Cash. Davido could act greedy and rip his artistes but he decided not to because ‘We Rise By Lifting Other’ is the slogan and so far these guys signed to him have never spoken ill of how he cheats them of their income. What we have seen are the houses with cars his acts has acquired and it is evident that they have gained financial freedom.

One Happy Family
A record label shouldn’t be all about making money and music, it should be like a family to its artistes. It shouldn’t be a place you want to run away from but a place you should always want to be. One thing we envy about the guys in DMW is the way they treat each other like family. Everyone gets along so well that they could easily pass off as brothers (don’t even try to think of how Peruzzi and Mayorkun vibe around the house) They have actually graduated from being colleagues to real family and this is what other record labels should emulate.

No doubt, they still have a long way to go but one can not deny their superiority to other record labels in the country. The music boss even challenged other labels to a battle of hits and no one had the courage to accept the challenge. This simply tells you how Davido has built an empire in just four years and did a superb job in bringing up artistes and turning them into Mega superstars. These guys have been groomed so well that if they leave the record label, they would have no difficulties in continuing in the path of a star and that is what I believe is the true meaning of the saying “We rise by lifting others”

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