June 16, 2024

Apostle Abraham vwaghie plead with all Nigerians and the world at Large to stop insulting Tiwa savage

Stop talking and insulting Tiwa Savage she have her life to live,

Apostle Abraham Tells Nigerians.

The general overseas of
Divine Bethel Bible Church Apostle Abraham Vwaghie has advised Nigerians the youths in particular to stop watching and talking about Tiwa Savage over her recent porn video release by an online blogger, saying that the famous Nigeria song Queen has her life to live and her private life should be respected.

Apostle Abraham made this statement when addressing youths in his church, that judgement belongs to God not man.

I’m a Nigerian pastor your Pastor. for sometime I have followed alot of written articles about Tiwa Savage and how she has been castigated by the Press and the youths.

Recently I received a call from a friend telling me about the said Video of Tiwa, let me address this issue as a human.

Tiwa us a human and should be treated as one who have blood running through her veins.

It’s on this note I call on all Nigerians to stop the insult, names calling, we are not God and we can’t play God in his place.

Those who said she’s a disgrace to womanhood, should stop it, judgement belongs to God.

everybody is a sinner, we are sinners by birth, we have our privacy as well.

Jesus told those who wanted to stone the adulterous woman in the Bible that anyone who has not sin before should cast the first stone, the rest is history.

As long as I am concerned, this lady should be left alone.

Apostle Abraham Vwaghie popularly called Father’s Son by his followers Said he has prayed for Tiwa and that God has forgiven her .

“I have prayed for Tiwa and God told me that her sins is forgiven. and if you are among the people that tarnish her image you better go and apologize to God and to tiwa Savage, the spirit of God is angry with them same way my spirit is angry with them Bcause the payback won’t be good”.

Apostle Abraham pray and call on Tiwa Savage to remain focus and steadfast..

“Tiwa Savage don’t worry, don’t kill urself be happy God loves you,we Nigerians love you,God has blessed you,God gives you talent so no one can ever bring you down.please be strong this will be the beginning of your reigning God bless you”

He said.

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