July 21, 2024


Sports betting fans around the world will sure be in a hurry to see the present football season come to an end as some of the key battles in the top leagues are gradually coming to a resolution. The allure of starting a new season almost immediately after concluding the current season provides a continuous line of opportunities for punters to continue their businesses without the headache of the mandatory summer break, which tends to limits betting options in the market. This is particularly true of many punters who saw the suspension of betting activities as a period of lost opportunities. In Nigeria for example, many people have taken to the bet shops once again with the hope of winning money that will help them take care of their immediate needs. The argument is still hot among the people that a sport betting Nigeria is far better than a no-betting Nigeria as unemployment continue to take its toll on the people. Crime rate would have sky-rocketed if not for the hope sport betting offer the people in terms of employments and optimism of a favorable betting outcome.
The return of the German Bundesliga in the middle of June was the re-opening of the door shut on the hope of many people. Now that all the remaining leagues are in full swing, the football world is learning a new way of conducting its business such that the coronavirus pandemic will never again disrupt a sector that has so much positive impact on people’s lives. While punters are once again going about their businesses and making the best of it, fans of clubs in the top leagues are either gearing up for a tamed celebration or outright resignation to fate as the fortunes of their clubs dictates.
Liverpool FC are now closer to lifting the EPL title after many years of waiting; an agonizing wait made more profound by the outbreak of the pandemic which threatened to deny them this glorious achievement altogether. In Germany, the title is already decided as perennial champions and current title holders Bayern Munich won their eighth straight titles, thus making them a formidable monarchy that has become too difficult to be overthrown. The same can be said of Paris Saint Germain who have become nearly unbeatable to the French League title, as they were declared champions of the shortened season due to the virus out-break. The battle is still hot in Italy and Spain, two of the countries that were badly affected by the virus in Europe. In Italy, Juventus are just four points above Lazio who are making a bold statement this season by challenging for the Serie-A title. Unlike last season and seasons before, the completion from Lazio this time is real and would have been more eminent if not for their loss to Atlanta the last time-out.
In the La-liga, Perennial rivals, Barcelona and Real- Madrid are going neck-to-neck in the race for the La-liga title. The two clubs are currently tied on top of the La-liga table with sixty eight points (68) and goal difference putting Real Madrid ahead of Barcelona. The title race is expected to go down to the wires, thus providing excitement to sports fans until the very last days of the La-liga season.
Indeed, punters are in for the time of their lives with heart breaks and pains, joy and laughter, as they explore the opportunities the football betting world will have to offer before the season comes to an end.

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