July 21, 2024

Dave East, Mike & Keys – GOD PRODUCED IT [Mp3 Download]

Dave East, Mike & Keys – GOD PRODUCED IT Mp3 Download

This is the discography for American electronic musician Dave Audé.

== Albums ==
Audacious (2006)
2 Audacious (2009)
Audacious 3 (2011)
Audacious Summer 2011 Sampler (2011)
Audacious 4 (2013)
Audacious Summer Vol. 1 (2014)
Audacious Vol. 5 (2016)
Audacious Summer Vol. 2 (2017)
Shiny Things (2021)
Motions LP (2022)
Audé Club Fitness (2023)

== Singles ==
1996 “Stop/Go” (as D’Still’D)
1996 “Free/Lunatix” (in group Disfunktional)
1997 “L-O-V-E” (in group Disfunktional)
1999 “That Zipper Track” (as Needle Damage)
1999 “Push That Thing”
2000 “I Can’t Wait”
2000 “Drowning” (as Cleveland Lounge)
2000 “Rush Hour”
2002 “I Don’t Want Nobody” (as Jada)
2003 “The Zone” (as Extension 119)
2006 “Common Ground” (with Tall Paul and Sisely Treasure)
2007 “Make It Last” (with Jessica Sutta)
2008 “Grass Is Greener” (with Sisely Treasure)
2009 “Lie to Ourselves” (with Christopher Lawrence and Jen Lasher)
2010 “Figure It Out” (with Isha Coco)
2010 “Dancin’ Circles” (with David Garcia and Sisely Treasure)
2011 “Holdin’ On” (with Elijah)
2011 “That You Like” (with Sisely Treasure)
2011 “I’m Still Hot” (with Luciana)
2012 “Never Forget” (with Lena Katina of t.A.T.u.)
2012 “Something For The Weekend” (with Luciana)
2012 “Fiyacraka” (Writer and Producer) KORR-A
2013 “The Girl Can’t Help It” Katia Nicole (Writer and Producer)
2013 “Hold Me” Yoko Ono (featuring Dave Audé)
2013 “Bullet” Rokelle (featuring Dave Audé)
2013 “Electricity & Drums (Bad Boy)” (featuring Akon and Luciana)
2013 “Hustlin'” (Crazibiza and Dave Audé featuring Vassy)
2013 “All Night” (Writer and Producer) Irina
2013 “Take Me Away” Rokelle (featuring Dave Audé)
2013 “Satellite” Justin Caruso and AUDÉ (featuring Christine Novelli)
2014 “Aftermath (Here We Go)” Dave Audé featuring Andy Bell
2014 “Love Come Down” (Writer and Producer) Ivan Gomez and Nacho Chapado featuring Vassy
2014 “You Only Talk in #hashtag” featuring Luciana
2014 “Tears” Justin Caruso and Dave Aude featuring Miss Palmer
2014 “Sweeter” featuring Porcelain Black
2014 “Tokyo Style” FUTURE BOYZ (featuring Dave Aude and Vassy)
2014 “Tomorrow Never Dies” (Producer) Gali
2014 “Believe” (Producer) Irina
2015 “Im Gonna Get You” featuring Jessica Sutta
2015 “Step It Up” RuPaul (featuring Dave Aude)
2015 “Te Quiero” Claydee (featuring Dave Aude)
2015 “Circles”
2015 “You Have to Believe” featuring Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi
2015 “I’m Burning Up” Karine Hannah / Dave Aude
2016 “True Original” featuring Andy Bell
2016 “Love Me Like You Mean It” feat Kelsea Ballerini
2016 “Kill Em With Kindness” (Writer) Selena Gomez
2016 “Unwritten” Veronica Bravo (featuring Dave Aude)
2016 “Sweet Dreams” featuring Skylar Stecker (in group JX Riders)
2016 “Used to Love You” Smok3 Machin3s (Producer)
2016 “Back 2 Love” with JVMIE
2016 “Yeah Yeah” with Luciana
2017 “Willing to Beg” J Sutta (Producer)
2017 “Hiccup” featuring Sisterwife (in group JX Riders)
2017 “All the Rules” featuring Ben Thornewill
2017 “Love My People” with Crown and The M.O.B.
2018 “Perfect to Me” featuring King Brown
2018 “Flakka Flakka” with Will Sparks and Luciana
2019 “Pacman” featuring Sam Tinnesz
2020 “Watching You Watching Me” featuring Luciana
2020 “Coyote Ugly Megamix” with LeAnn Rimes
2020 “Gonna Get It All” Nicole Markson (Producer)
2021 “Don’t Count Me Out” Nicole Markson (Producer)
2021 “All Of My Life” Nicole Markson (Producer)
2021 “You Only Talk in Hashtag” (Dave Aude Remix) with Luciana
2021 “I’m Still Hot” (Dave Aude Remix) with Luciana
2021 “Only Us” Clayton Anderson (Writer and Producer)
2021 “Somewhere to Fall” Matt Goss (Writer and Producer)
2021 “Elevating Love” with Nicole Markson
2022 “This is Our Time” with Nick Clow
2022 “It’s Your Body” with Nicole Markson
2022 “Show Me Your Fish” Clayton Anderson (Writer and Producer)
2022 “Break Out” with Jeffrey James
2022 “Love Comes Once In Your Life” OMG Collective featuring Janice Robinson (Producer)
2022 “Believer” Nicole Markson (Producer)
2022 “This Is My House” with Nicole Markson
2022 “Neon Moon” with Cody Belew
2022 “Motions” with Zee Machin

Download mp3 Dave East, Mike & Keys – GOD PRODUCED IT and listen to the new song below.

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