June 25, 2024

Coletta Story-A kinder world [Mp3 Download]

Coletta Story-A kinder world Mp3 Download

A Kinder World song idea hit me after I experienced so much bliss after a 14days kindness challenge. Is a feeling I want everyone around me and the world to experience. I felt a part of me came to life.
A Kinder World will stir up that part of you that seem dormant.
Keep spreading kindness cos that’s who you’re.

Listen and Enjoy!

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Download mp3 Coletta Story-A kinder world and listen to the new song below.

3 thoughts on “Coletta Story-A kinder world [Mp3 Download]

  1. This is a very beautiful and uplifting song with powerful lyrics. I think it is just what the world needs at this time. I feel everyone should get to listen it……Your day can never go wrong with songs like this. Cheers to Coletta Story

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