March 25, 2023

Lanre Ej – Omo Mi, Gbo Temi (Okun-Yoruba) [Mp3 Download]

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Lanre Ej – Omo Mi, Gbo Temi (Okun-Yoruba) Mp3 Download

Omo mi gbo temi” means “My son, hear my instruction.” The song is written to admonish children and youths, and advise them to listen to their parents’ teaching. According to Proverbs 1:8, children are instructed to follow their parents’ advice. Lanre Ej, emphasized on this while also adding that children and youths should honor elders, follow God’s commandments, turn away from bad habits and sinful behaviors, and live

Download mp3 Lanre Ej – Omo Mi, Gbo Temi (Okun-Yoruba) and listen to the new song below.

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